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Compensation Plan


If you are looking for either short-term earning potential or the security of long-term residual income, the Tomorrow’s Leaf Compensation Plan is designed with you in mind, so you get to decide what is best for you.

The Tomorrow's Leaf Compensation Plan is among the best paying and most straightforward in the industry. We know because we researched multiple plans before deciding what would be more profitable for our Consultants. We also know many compensation plans are so confusing that even management struggles with explaining them. We take great pride in introducing you to the Tomorrow's Leaf Compensation, simple fair, honest. Our plan is designed for two distinct types of interests:

The Social Seller

Is an individual who wants to join and reap the benefits of earning 30-40% commissions on sales made through their personal Tomorrow's Leaf website. They desire product for themselves and maybe their immediate circle but are not particularly interested in building a broad network, just yet or ever. If you consider yourself a Social Seller, look for this in the Compensation Plan.

The Team Builder

Is a determined entrepreneur looking to build an organization of not only customers but recruit other consultants and build a team. If this is you, in addition to the benefits of a Social Seller, check out the rest of the Compensation Plan to see various levels of qualifying ranks that can lead to additional generous commissions, bonuses and recognition.

Are You Ready To Join?

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