Paul Drake – Founder and CEO

Paul Drake is CEO and Co-Founder and Interim National Sales Director of Tomorrow’s Leaf, a new direct to consumer and peer-to-peer marketing brand. With 20 year’s experience in the health and wellness and cosmetics industry (10 of those spent in England) he could see a clear need for higher standards and better transparency.

Tomorrow’s Leaf is his vision for offering just that and a whole lot more. Partnering with the award-winning company Cosmetic Research Laboratories ensures all of Tomorrow’s Leaf products are researched and developed using green science and functional medicine principles. With innovation that has been mentioned in several New York Times® Best Sellers, and their years of expertise working to European Cosmetics Standards, this is, a slam dunk.

Under his vision and with the support of dedicated consultants and advisers, he intends to grow this start-up into a top Health and Wellness powerhouse. Paul finds his greatest satisfaction is in developing personal relationships with the company’s independent consultants and customers. He gets a real kick, reading testimonials from those that truly see results from their products.

Paul was born and raised in San Francisco, California. He has lived in many great places in the States and spent many years in England. Recently, he set roots in Franklin, a suburb to “it city”, Nashville, Tennessee for the express strategic reason in launching Tomorrow’s Leaf. His interests include: exploring new things,  great tasting wine,  live music,  cooking healthy meals, working with his hands and of course, the business.


Sterling started his career as a full-time distributor with Primerica Financial Services and spent 20 plus years as a successful Regional Vice President with offices in three states.

In 2008 he was recruited as a COO for Kyani. Sterling was hired as a Chief Business Architect for Thrivent Financial, and $8.6B Company to launch a Direct Selling Brand called Brightpeak Financial.

In 2011, Sterling and two other partners launched Perfectly Posh, a party plan company. Today it is successfully led by an executive team.

Sterling has been an active member of the Direct Selling Association for many years and currently serves as a member of the Member services committee.

Sterling brings to the company his experience as a full time distributor in the field for over 20 years as well as experience with executive roles on the corporate side of the business.

The most unique skill he possesses is the ability to innovate and adapt to the changing landscape in the Direct Selling Industry.


Lori comes to Tomorrow’s Leaf as an 18 year veteran working at an independent investment banking boutique in Los Angeles, California. As an effective operations and communications leader, her company navigated complicated transactions to achieve optimal outcomes for their clients, which impressively resulted in the closing of 500+ transactions exceeding $20 billion. Lori covered many roles which required constant adaptation with extreme efficiency. Prior to this, she held various senior positions within financial organizations

Lori’s key focus at Tomorrow’s Leaf will involve top-level objectives to align messaging and access the needs of our rapidly-growing organization from the high-level to the day-to-day implementation. Offering a broad range of managed communication with customers, consultants and influencers, including developing and integrating strategic media partnerships, as well as IT infrastructure services.

Lori’s talented husband Bill is a four-time Emmy Award nominee for Outstanding Mixing on The Voice. His multi-decade music career has seen him work with major artists like The Rolling Stones, Blake Shelton, Cher, Stevie Wonder, Gwen Stefani, Rod Stewart and many, many more.

They are both long-time members of the American Bullmastiff Association Rescue Service which helps foster and re-home displaced Bullmastiff breed dogs. Their adorable bullmastiff Dude is certainly the most perfect addition to their happy home.


Luis Rey, Sr. is a family man with a passion to influence and inspire people to overcome life’s obstacles and live out their dreams.

The last of 13 children, born to migrant workers and raised in a small West Texas town, Luis has always been driven to strive for excellence in all that he attempts in life. Being the only one in his family to get a High School diploma and earn a College degree, Luis has a keen understanding of people and the obstacles they face in their quest for success. He attributes this understanding to his experiences gained from childhood and throughout his professional career.

His professional career spans over 35 years in Sales and Sales Leadership, working for major corporations, such as Kraft Foods and Mary Kay Cosmetics. While working at Mary Kay, Luis spent over two years as General Manager of Mary Kay Mexico, where he led the company to become the number one International market in all of Mary Kay Cosmetics. Luis spent his last five years in corporate America as President of Kitchen Fair, International. He has seen much of the world in his travels throughout 25 countries and 5 continents.

Luis is actively involved in the lives of his grandchildren, serving his church in many capacities, and serving on the board of directors for a community organization. He also provides one-on- one coaching with sales leaders, counsels company sales executives, and delivers motivational and leadership workshops for sales organizations.

His life’s motto is: “Fight the good fight, Finish the race, Keep the Faith.”


Ishtar, a trained biomedical esthetician, is both a master trainer of Tomorrow’s Leaf products and is part of Cosmetic Research Laboratories (CRL) cutting-edge research and development team. Her expertise is predominantly working with healthcare practitioners and their patients to create a plan to help address overall skin health goals, while employing medical-grade skincare products and age-appropriate lifestyle treatments to enhance skin’s natural beauty and health.

After witnessing firsthand the many negative health effects of using damaging cosmetic ingredients, Ishtar has spent the past 11 years with CRL educating people on the dangers of these toxic substances, and now helps to research and recommend healthier, safer alternatives. Restoring and supporting the natural functions of the skin is the foundation of her holistic approach to overall health.

She is fully qualified in advanced medical esthetics, Dr. Vodder method of Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD®), holistic nutrition and Bach Flower Therapy. Ishtar holds a degree in integrative cosmetology and is currently expanding her interest in human learning, emotions, and behaviors by also pursuing a degree in psychology. An enviable part of her vibrant, multi-ethnic background is the incredible, diverse knowledge that she shares for the common aim of promoting natural health and wellness.


Kathleen Beaton is a Los Angeles based makeup artist, who has worked in the industry for more than 20 years. She has worked in a variety of sectors, creating fabulous makeup designs for movies, advertising campaigns, music videos, fashion shoots and celebrity portraits. Her stunning work has also been featured in a number of publications, including Vanity Fair, Elle and Vogue. Her resume is as impressive as her undeniable talent as an artist.

But Kathleen’s passion for makeup is more than just skin deep. She is a huge advocate of clean beauty and, after more than two decades in the industry, has seen firsthand the damaging effects of chemicals and toxins often found in beauty and aesthetic products.

Her dedication to creating beautiful, vibrant looks using natural cosmetics has led to her teaming up with innovative health and wellness brand, Tomorrow’s Leaf. She is an integral member of the development team and the ‘go-to’ person for creating statement products without the harmful chemicals.

Stay tuned for some seriously stunning makeup!