My passion and involvement in the health, wellbeing and cosmetics industry spans two decades, half of which I spent in Europe - an experience I found incredibly insightful.

It was while I was there that I became accustomed to the high standards expected from the beauty industry and on returning to the USA I could immediately see the need for greater transparency and higher standards within our own cosmetics world. I felt impassioned and empowered to help shape that cause and buck the current trend.

It was this knowledge and drive, which led my team and I to launch Tomorrow’s Leaf ®, a direct-to-consumer model cosmetics range. Our long-time partner, award-winning green science company Cosmetic Research Lab (CRL), creates the formulas at the heart of the Tomorrow’s Leaf ® line - all of which are carefully developed in accordance with EU cosmetics standards and functional medicine principles.

We've rolled out SkinSanity® skincare first, followed closely by iconic lip color, essential oils, CBD, nutritional supplements and more - all designed to work synergistically to further enhance your health and well-being journey.

Our love of Nashville

When deciding on the best location to launch our venture, I undertook six years of research, which showed that Nashville and the surrounding states account for a large percentage of income derived by other direct selling companies, mostly based in California, Utah, Texas and Florida, yet none are headquartered here in Nashville, which, of course, I saw as a great opportunity.

Publisher of the Nashville Business Journal recently said: “Nash likes to support its local companies and does not want them to fail” which I found truly refreshing in this dog-eat-dog world. And that’s how we knew this was the perfect location.

So what’s new?

This is all well and good, but I’m sure you want to know more about how we work and what makes Tomorrow’s Leaf ® so unique (aside from our top-notch products), right?

While our beautifully crafted cosmetics sit daintily on your bathroom shelves and work their natural wonders on your skin, the team are working hard behind the scenes to make some serious noise and disrupt the direct-selling industry… something which has been a long time coming.

The sad reality of this Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) model is that many consultants struggle to make ends meet, with some even finding themselves out of pocket. Indeed, according to a 2018 study by the non-profit, social welfare organization, AARP, 47% of the 20 million Americans who participate in a MLM model actually lose money, while less than 2% are able to make a living out of it. We do understand this isn’t the only reason for joining a MLM - many also do it to make friends, build relationships and have fun with like-minded people, which we strongly advocate. But who wouldn’t want to earn a fair price for the work they do?

In my view, one of the biggest problems lies with the complicated compensation plans. They’re so convoluted and unclear; it’s near on impossible to work out what you’re going to make as a consultant, even for the ‘experts’ among us. What’s more, the commission rates are typically low and requirements to hold inventory and pay monthly fees can impact on earnings in a big way. These plans have an inherent design to provide “breakages” to benefit the company from getting out of paying commission wherever they can.

A game changer

You’ll be pleased, but hopefully not surprised, to hear that this just ain’t our style! We’ve developed a model that provides fairness and clarity for both consultant and consumer. We’re customer focused rather than business led and while we aim to run a successful enterprise, this shouldn’t be to the detriment of our affiliates and customers. For me, being able to sleep at night and look myself in the mirror every morning is more important than the margins.

So, we’re stripping back and simplifying the whole process and introducing higher commission and better pay for retail sales. Tomorrow’s Leaf ® consultants can earn anywhere between 30-40% commission purely for retail sales, made on a company supplied free of charge e-commerce website. Consultants can also buy products at the same discount. There are no mandatory monthly or annual fees either. All USA orders ship free.

What’s more, we won’t penalize consultant earnings for customer subscription / auto-ship purchases. We think repeat orders are a wonderful thing – it shows people love our products – so the company will take the hit on the discounted price that the customer receives for signing up, not the consultant.

Rewarding our customers

As well as clean, green and effective skincare and the usual ‘points system’, we also reward our customers with cold, hard cash. When a customer recommends us to a friend, and that friend makes an order of $60 or more, we will credit their account with $20 cash. No strings! The customer can then either use that money to buy more products, or cash out and spend it on whatever they choose. It’s our way of saying thank you.

Rocking the influencers

Influencers are kind of a big deal in today’s world, and social media has evolved and created these wonderful pockets of people… communities if you will. I know what you’re thinking and not everyone is a fan of the influencer. Some people have lost faith in the authenticity of what they promote, which is why we are enlisting the help of Community Thought Leaders rather than pay-for-play, we want to ensure they have a genuine love for our products. They must first demonstrate that they are aligned with our brand messaging, because that’s keeping it real.

Once they’ve passed the ‘brand test’ we’ll be delighted to have them on board. Influencers typically earn 4-20% for referrals, whilst our Community Thought Leaders will earn substantially more at 37%.

Helping nonprofits

And finally, one of our most exciting USPs to date is that we are going to help nonprofits grow their donations. We are the first direct to consumer company that offers a very generous donation of all gross retail sales made by any of their patron community who buys products from our corporate site. How does it work? Well, we simply provide a unique affiliate link, and, when used by their followers, it tracks any sale – then each month we send the donation to their charity. The best part… any repeat purchases earn the same level of donation forever! Pretty neat, huh?

Latest MLM news

There’s also some pretty big news echoing around the global MLM industry right now. A certain company has recently agreed to pay a $150 million fine including a ban from the MLM world to resolve Federal Trade Commission charges that it’s been operating an illegal pyramid scheme, duping consumers into believing they can earn significant income as distributors of its health and wellness products. This is exactly the sort of reputation we want to change and the main reason for disrupting the MLM industry. At Tomorrow’s Leaf ® we do not market false income claims. We strongly believe that, done right, and with honest, realistic facts around the financial expectations, this is a very good distribution path; it just has to be ‘clean’ and up front, which is exactly what we’re all about and a refreshing new structure clearly can’t come soon enough.

Tomorrow’s Leaf ® offers impressive value in the health and wellness space.

  • Unlike many other brands, we research, develop and own every formula offered as compared to many of our competitors who outsource the technology they are selling.
  • Our patented technologies are used and recommended by doctors and are always gluten-free, vegan and environmental-friendly.
  • Exclusive products – only available here.
  • We source and use the highest quality ingredients and never cut corners.
  • We only use legal ingredient lists (INCI) on our products, which include full transparency of ingredient origin and their processing.

I hope Tomorrow's Leaf ® will be the first place ya’ll think to come to for clean, safe, effective products. Please remember to tell a friend or two.

Yours in health,

Paul Drake
CEO and Co-Founder