Fondly known as the longevity herb because harvesting a leaf at the break of day often results in a new sprout growing overnight, being visible the following morning. Tomorrows Leaf ®  has been used for centuries to enhance the body’s natural health. Used on the skin, it makes available at least 10 different potent antioxidants called Chalcones (Xanthoangelol and 4-hydroxyderricin) which are more potent than those found in green tea, citrus fruits and grapes.

Now for the first time ever, the Japanese pioneers of discovering this herbs efficacy and its organic cultivation join forces with green chemist and skin microbiome expert, Karen Sinclair Drake to launch a superior collection of outstanding skin health and wellness products, containing this longevity superfood, with remarkable benefits and results.

Possessing a similar molecular structure to that of our blood, Tomorrows Leaf ® has research published in Nutraceuticals World, Sept 2002 that astonishingly demonstrates it can out-perform all other herbs that were tested for their antioxidant potential based on the ORAC guide (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity).

When our founders started researching technologies 20 years ago, they anticipated being available in the future. Our name represents the convergence of cutting-edge green science and functional medicine principles that will shape and form the technologies of tomorrow.

The meaning of our slogan, Transforming Lives

Transforming lives through our products

As our tag line proudly states, Tomorrow’s Leaf® aims to transform the lives of everyone we touch, through both health and business. We believe that when you feel and look healthy, you radiate vitality in everything you do. The best way to enhance your health and wellness is by using products you can trust, that are free from harmful toxins, that use organic, natural and ethically sourced ingredients, and that have the power of pioneering scientific brains behind them. We hope that everyone who invests in our products and uses them will see and feel their unique benefits, safe in the knowledge they contain only wonderfully natural ingredients!

Transforming the lives of our business partners

We also believe in sharing the love and good fortune with our people. Anyone who wants to get on board with us, to sell and spread the word of our unique products, will have our full support to create a thriving business that fits in with their lifestyle. We want to help regular, hardworking families boost their income in a way that suits them. This means working from home, choosing their hours and even choosing how much they earn – we don’t put a ceiling on what people can achieve. We provide new starters with all the tools necessary to be a successful Tomorrow’s Leaf ® consultant, while allowing them the flexibility needed to run a family and to fit all the other important stuff in life, too.

Transforming lives of humans, animals and the environment around the world

Another priority here at Tomorrow’s Leaf ® is our environmental consciousness. Our beautiful planet, its animals and its people are not a tireless resource, so we endeavor to grow and manufacture our products in ways that help both humans and the environment to thrive. We have strong principles and we stick to them – this conscious way of working helps us to produce top-quality products that actually work. We source our ingredients fairly because it provides our farmers with a better deal and better terms of trade, which ultimately helps improve their lives. This kind of trade has a ripple effect on the wider community, too, allowing more people to thrive and live the life they deserve. When producing our products we also consider the environment. Take our extracts, for example – we press our seeds at source and any surplus is turned into organic nutritional livestock feed to avoid waste. Finally, let’s not forget our biodynamic farming practices, which help protect wildlife habitats and the surrounding environment.

In short, we want to transform the lives of all who we come into contact with, including all creatures great and small and to promote the idea of a fairer, more natural and revolutionary health and beauty industry, which puts people and our health first!


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